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Day nine: Hawk Creek to Laurel Lake

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merciless pace
merciless pace

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:55 am    Post subject: Day nine: Hawk Creek to Laurel Lake Reply with quote

Day 9 Sunday 7/8/07
After a breakfast of oatmeal with granola, I broke camp at 7:26am and began hiking. I passed the great campsite at Hawk Creek that I had been trying to reach the night before. It was just as nice as I had remembered from my May hike. Later while picking my way through a fallen pine tree between I-75 and US80, my bootlace caught and sent me careening headfirst to the path. Normally I have my sticks to catch me but I had pushed them through ahead of me so I could navigate the narrow passage with my hands free. I think the lack of sleep contributed to this fall and several bewilderments soon to come. A few miles after I crossed highway 80, I came upon the incorrect trail marker that had caused Jack and I to hike an extra three pavement miles in May. The marker was correct at one time but due to the continually changing trail route, it was now an evil bewilderer. I know there is no such word but I can still remember the look on Jackís face as we retraced our path in May. He doesnít say much but sometimes his expressions speak volumes. I was able to relocate the aluminum trail marker to a more helpful position. (Another evil bewilderer slain thanks to a sharp rock and loose nails).
When I passed Sinking Creek near Laurel Lake, I stopped to pump water and eat lunch on the creek bank. While there I fetched two glass beer bottles from the stream. I donít have a problem with people drinking or smoking but I donít think these activities should give them a license to litter. There I sat in the pristine wilderness on the banks of this beautiful creek only to see litter floating. Apparently ATV riders had thrown out three bottles but one was already broken and I didnít have a safe way to carry the pieces out. I noted the irony of me carefully weighing everything I carry down to the tenths of an ounce only to add the ATVerís heavy trash to my pack. I always carry out more than I carry in and encourage those in my party to do the same.
I arrived at the Holley Bay Marina at 7:52pm. I was too late to enjoy the sirloin burger that they stop serving at 6:00pm so I ordered a large meat lovers pizza and a Dr. Pepper. It is always cause for celebration when you come across a store or someplace serving food on the trail because you did not have to carry it or cook it. After supper with the sun now gone for the day, I had to find a place to call home for the night. My knee had been talking to me most of the day and I knew if I could find a good place by the lake that I could soak it. After about a mile, I found a spot not quite legal but otherwise perfect. Right on the point of a finger pointing into the water with two trees just the right distance apart for my Hennessy, I made camp. During the night I heard voices so close I thought they were coming down the trail. As I began to prepare for company in the middle of the nightÖ, I discovered it was bass fishermen in a boat working the bank and they did not notice me even though I was so close to them I could hear them breathing. Data for day nine: 26.0 trail miles hiked, 2.5 extra miles hiked, moving time 8:24, stopped time 2:33, average moving speed 3.1 mph, total average speed 2.4 mph.

The only thing that will save our trails is using them.
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