Sheltowee Trace National Receation Trail

The Sheltowee Trace is 307-mile back country trail through Daniel Boone National Forest, Big South Fork NRRA, and Natural Bridge, Cumberland Falls, & Pickett State Parks in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Post photos & GPS data depicting each mile of the Sheltowee Trace and connecting trails. An interactive map gives mile markers and topo downloads.

The goal of this site is to map the Sheltowee Trace and the Daniel Boone NF with your help. A guide will be published.

Sheltowee Trace Map

Maps with trail and recreation areas

It's always time for a hike!

Sheltowee Trace North MapSheltowee Trace North Trail Map

1:31,680 scale map that shows the ST from the northern terminus to the McKee, Kentucky, about 150 miles of trail. Includes all official trails in Cave Run Lake and Red River Gorge.

Map contains mile makers for the ST, connecting trails for section hiking, 50-ft elevaiton contours, and GPS lat/lon grid. Full-color maps.

$14 - from outrageGIS mapping

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Sheltowee Trace Association

Consider becoming a supporting member of the Sheltowee Trace Association by visiting The Sheltowee Trace Association is commited to Protecting, Preserving and Promoting the Sheltowee Trace as a significant national resource for the enjoyment of all users and for the value that wild and scenic lands provide to all people. Visit to learn more and to join the STA.

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A Guide for the Trails in the BSF and DBNF

Current ST alignment and markers as GPX and KML Author: Boyd
Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:46 am (GMT -5)

outrageGIS mapping has released a new GPX and KML data pack for your GPS. It is the current alignment of the ST with mile markers beginning from the northern terminus.

Got to the website:
Help map trails by submitting your waypoints and trail photos.

Shuttle from North Terminus to 32 or vice versa Author: CmazzJK
Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:33 pm (GMT -5)

I am in the process of section hiking the ST this year, and am looking at the section between the Northern Terminus to 32 for February. I began with the section from Whittleton Campground to Corner Ridge this past weekend, and am planning on chipping away North-South for the remainder of the trail. I was hoping for some information on shuttle service options for this section. Right now the third weekend is looking like my best option next month. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Winter website upgrade Author: Boyd
Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:34 am (GMT -5)

We're upgrading our server to makes things faster and accommodate new stuff. If you see anything odd, let us know.

One thing you'll notice is the change in the old photo gallery. The old gallery looked better, but was extremely outdated. We've upgraded the Big Turtle Photo Gallery to a stable archive version (it still has all attributes and descriptions). Today most photos are posted on Flickr, instagram, Fb, etc... We investigating posting social media photos via the hastag.
Help map trails by submitting your waypoints and trail photos.

New Years Ride @ Laurel Lake Author: PR
Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:09 pm (GMT -5)

We had around fourty mtbrs total for our annual New Years ride. (Mtbrs are kinda like counting chickens; hard to get together ) This is running towards my 25th year out here on the first. Let me start early by inviting everyone out for our ride on the 1st in 2016!

Special thanks to Troy Hearn/State Bicycle Coordinator and KYMBA for their support, also Bill Crank @ Crankworks bikes and his staff (Fast crowd too).

Look for a couple of mtb related events on the Trace this year. Also plan for a Mckee to Livingston road ride this year (26mi one way, 52 out and back). I'd encourage all riders interested in getting out early to go
... continues

Update: Newer GPS data Author: 10-k
Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:29 pm (GMT -5)

I'm preparing for a late January thru of the ST weather permitting and am wondering if there is a GPX file for the current route that includes the reroute through Morehead and in a perfect word the newest section in BSF that includes the additional mileage on the JMT.

On my 2013 thru my GPS was indispensable and I really hate to try and hike without it given the changes since I hiked.

I noticed there is a map at - can that be converted to GPX? I'd pay $$$ for it if so.

3 day hike from Cave Run dam to NT- is it feasible? Author: Jimmyfinder
Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:37 am (GMT -5)

Hey all. I'm planning on going on a 3 day hike with two of my friends over the MLK day weekend. I have hiked from Morehead to Dry Branch solo as well as the entirety of the Cave Run section with a group. I was wondering if it would be feasible/advisable to follow the following schedule:

Saturday morning-evening: Cave Run dam (not sure of the official name... It's a flat rocky area near a dam with an entrance to the trail, I used it before going southbound) to Eagle Lake (16 miles)

Sunday morning-evening: Eagle Lake to Dry Branch Creek (13 miles, may go further if we want to hike less on Monday)

Monday morning-afternoon:
... continues

Shuttle needed/Big South Fork Author: Yvonne Entingh
Posted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:50 pm (GMT -5)

I am looking for someone willing to provide a shuttle from Pickett SP to Burnt Mill TH...December 31st

Sunglasses found Author: Elkins45
Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:26 pm (GMT -5)

I found a pair of sunglasses on the connector trail to the Tater Knob fire tower a couple of weeks ago. Contact me with a description if they belong to you.

Hammock use on ST Author: bwebbrph
Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:47 pm (GMT -5)

Anyone use a hammock with a dry-fly on the ST? I really like the sleeping room in my hammock versus a tent. If anyone uses their hammock, did you have trouble finding trees suitable enough to strap to?

2015 Hiker Challenge Author: Traildust
Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:33 pm (GMT -5)

The Sheltowee Trace Association has announced the planned dates for the 2015 Hiker Challenge. Team One will be on the 3rd weekend of the month and Team Two on the 4th weekend of the month.

This non-guided hike enables backpackers to do one section of the Trace a month over 11 hikes and at the end of the year they will have hiked the entire trace.

In 2015 Team One will be the "Drop and Go" Team. Participants will have little support during the hike. They will be shuttled to start point and take off meeting at agreed upon end point for night. Participants will have to carry enough food, water etc to get them through the
... continues


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